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PLEASE NOTE:  We are currently unable to ship any plants due to the heat.  Blueberry Plant shipping will resume in September, when the temperatures are cooler.

Gift Boxes
$3.95 each

Blueberry Jam

The Official Gourmet Blueberry Jam of the Blueberry Patch!
Net Wt. 8oz

$3.95 each

Blueberry Jelly

The Official Gourmet Blueberry Jelly of the Blueberry Patch!
Net Wt. 8oz

$3.95 each

Blueberry Sauce

The Official Gourmet Blueberry Sauce of the Blueberry Patch!
Made with Whole Blueberries!
Net Wt. 8oz

$7.95 each

Blueberry Syrup

The Official Gourmet Blueberry Syrup of the Blueberry Patch!
Made with Sweet Whole Blueberries!
Net Wt. 8oz

$11.95 each

Recipe Book

The official recipe book of the Blueberry Patch.
Over a hundred pages of delicious & easy blueberry themed recipes!

$6.50 each

Premium Roast Coffee - Blueberry Danish

Our roasted Columbian Supremo flavored with blueberry. It's like a blueberry danish in a cup!

$4.50 each

Blueberry Tea

Our most popular black tea flavored with blueberry! Twelve tea bags makes up to 24 cups of tea! Great iced, too!

Net Wt 0.70 OZ

$5.95 each

Blueberry Truffles

Delicious milk chocolate blankets blueberry truffle filling! Melt in you mouth treats!

Net Wt 3.5oz

$5.95 each

Blueberries & Almonds

Dark chocolate covered whole almonds and blueberries make a delightful snack!

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Note: Example photographs provided are for reference only. These living plants are hand grown in our nursery, and will vary from the photographs shown. All plants will be shipped with the roots enclosed in plastic bags. Pots and excess potting soil will not be provided.

Shipping: Shipments are pulled from the nursery and typically sent out on Tuesdays, 5-10 days after the order was received. (All shipments are weather dependant) You can order your plants on our website at anytime. If you would like to purchase plants now, and have them delivered later. Please use the notes field during your paypal transaction to let us know your desired shipping date.

Terms and conditions: By placing an order you acknowledge and accept the E-Commerce Terms and Conditions.

To California Residents: At this time, The Blueberry Patch is unable to ship live plants to the State of California. We apologize for this inconvenience, and welcome you to visit our farm on your next visit to Ohio.

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