After a very long year, the winery is finally complete!  We started construction in October 2013, by tearing down one greenhouse that used to stand where the winery now sits.  The timber utilized in the construction nearly all comes from our property: from the big columns lining the sides to the cherry that covers every wall and the ceiling.





1285 Winery is a beautiful, cozy place to come spend an evening with friends and family.  The space is a warm and inviting environment that we know you will enjoy as much as we do.  We are offering a completely new menu that includes wood-fired pizzas, delicious cheese plates, rustic plates like tapenades, homemade hummus, and much more!




1285 Winery is also a perfect place to have a baby shower, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, birthday party, or retirement party.  We are more than willing to work with you to make that special occasion one you will never forget.






Wine & Paint Parties

Paint your very own canvas picture to take home, while enjoying a glass of our excellent wines!  No painting experience is necessary!  We will provide professional instruction and the necessary art supplies.  Our wines and appetizers will be available to enjoy while you explore your artistic side!  This is sure to be a great time!

Scheduled events will be sent to our email subscribers, shown on the "Latest News" links in the left column of this website, and posted here on this page!  If you have


Wine List

Cayuga White


Cabernet Sauvignon
Blueberry Dry
Blueberry Sweet


Winery Hours

Wednesday & Thursday 4:00pm - 10:00pm
Friday 4:00pm - 11:00pm
Saturday 2:00pm - 11:00pm




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Current Hours

Gift Shop
Monday - Thursday 10:00am - 6:00pm
Friday & Saturday  10:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday 11:00am - 5:00pm

Tuesday - Friday 10:00am - 3:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm
Sunday Brunch  11:00am - 3:00pm

1285 Winery
Wednesday & Thursday 4:00pm - 10:00pm
Friday 4:00pm - 11:00pm
(Live Music 6:00pm - 9:00pm)

Saturday 2:00pm - 11:00pm